Blimey! A Real Proper Rocket!

I’m just too tired and too hungry

but I hope you’ll have great lives

although the chance is that if you are born poor and don’t fit in and don’t know the shitty people that do fit into the society, …

I’m leaving this blog here as it is


still without job. still without money. but I'll try to come back to tumblr at least for a day this weeknd at least to take my mind of being freaking hungry most of the time and to reply to people after a month -.-;;; and yes. cosima and delphine are awesome this season! don't you think? pls don't let anything bad happen to them T^T

quit job. fuck harassment. too old for that shit.

atm @ Slavcon

time for text still no time to reply to messages or emails - but yeah seems like monday will be full of free time now..

I srsly can’t believe I didn’t have time to properly update/reblog since 6th of April!! D:

I don’t have time to do anything online anymore, so it seems. (I can’t even find time to reply to emails o.o) The work is reeeeaaaaally shitty, and I have so much stuff to do concerning various personal administrative shit (when moving to different country) - visiting tons of offices and yeah -.- So every bit of free time I’m trying to meet at least few fans live, because I love this city! :) but I have very little time even for that! T^T

So I’m sorry for not updating/responding - it’s very difficult :( Every day after work I feel like crying and quitting (and then I cry for real) and going back to east (where there is no work at all), but every time I walk through the town or meet new people (Thank you DW fans for today’s afternoon! <3 ) I wish I could stay here forever. And then I go back to work and cry :/ And visit foreign offices and cry more D:

I really hope it will be better next weekend. And that I will be able to spend some time online again (and reply properly to everyone as well)


time for text

Castiel + On the Head of a Pin

| Source: howboutnovak | Via: bookkbaby |

castiel spn s4

time for text personal..non english keby aspon ta praca nebola tak mizerna D:

Do you ever just see everyone move on with their fantastic lives, and you are just sort of .. there .. just hanging in the space .. trying to survive

time for text my life feels like 3 decades of one big mistake after another personal..

this is the longest (during past 2 years) I’ve ever been without tumblr o_0 sorry, still no time for daily checks or even reblogging.

here, it’s tough, it’s really tough for people from east… I can tell you that much :(

but I hope everyone is doing fine *sends virtual hugs*

time for text personal..

10 hours in bus… 10 hours in bus …. -.-

there is internet connection in the bus but it’s not the best, but I can do at least a bit of scrolling through blogs to distract me.

(not much to reblog though, because I sort of clicked through one post to another and started reading news - cause I didn’t see the new GoT episode yet, cause of all the shitty offline life stress, and hell only knows when I’ll see it with the current situation - and then I got to read about spn and yeah, pretty much not surprised there.)

on the side offline life note - it seems to be much more colder here than I expected. Damn, all my warmer clothes are atm left stored >600km away from me D: I didn’t expect this, I didn’t expect this -.-

time for text

dear everyone, I’m so sorry I’m so stressed out with the whole moving to another place thing that the hiatus started sort of already on sunday.

I hope you are all doing fine! :) And I hope that I will be back really soon!

time for text hiatus starts now - hope to be back latest or at least during easter o.o we'll see

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